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AMAC Paving Ltd. Health & Safety Policy
Amac Paving is committed to the protection of its employees, physical assets, the environment and those we work for. Amac Paving will strive to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

Accidental injuries can be controlled through responsible management and active employee involvement. We require a concerted effort from everyone. Myself and my employees must treat safety as an operational priority and assign accountability where necessary to achieve the required result. It is critical that we all be proactive and diligent in managing our health and safety obligations.

It is the responsibility of all employees to perform their work, safely, with consideration for our established procedures, legislative requirements and the safety of others.

All Amac Paving employees, as well as other persons such as subcontractors working for us, must perform their jobs in accordance with the established procedures and operating philosophy.

Myself as owner, the working foreman and each employee of Amac Paving is personally accountable for their adherence to this policy. It is an integral part of our responsibilities. Together, let us strive to achieve the safest pissble working environment.

Tony Capobianco

Amac Paving will implement and maintain a safety program that is applicable to its specific needs and operations. The following is an outline of the principal day to day requirements.

  1. All employees will possess and wear at all times Safety Boots, Hard Hats, High Visibility Vests and any other protective wear that is required to perform their duties safely in the work environment they are working in.
  2. If specialized safety wear or equipment is required it will be provided by the employer before any work is started, and if required, instructions will be given and/or demonstrated on the untilization of the equipment.
  3. All trucks and heavy equipment shall be properly maintained and kept in good repair for the safety and protection of the operators.
  4. Drivers and operators will be trained to be competent with the operation of their equipment and will adhere to all safe operating principals and the Highway Traffic Act.
  5. Foreman and skilled labourers will be trained to work safely around the heavy equipment while it is being operated, and to assist the operators when their help is required.
  6. The work place shall be kept clean and organized so as not to promote hazards that would be dangerous and affect the safety of the workforce.
  7. Prompt and accurate reporting of all injuries or mishaps on the job site.
  8. Appropriate and immediate treatment of all injuries.

Amac Paving will require key personnel to enroll in and complete the Saint John's Ambulance First Aid Course and also enroll in and complete the Work Place Safety course provided by a licensed instructor.

A yearly review of the Safety Program will be undertaken and changes/additions to the policies will be made as required to maintain a high quality program.

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